“The Sickening” Hits the Studio (Behind the Scenes)

To put it bluntly, the studio has seen better days. Both Ricky and Steve are battling the sickening, which is very much a real, scary thing we have to deal with on a day to day basis. THE SICKENING IS HAPPENING. As seasons change like they often tend to do, not only can you feel physically down in the dumps. It takes a toll on your mental frame as well. Case in point: Steve seems to have his own agenda as Halloween approaches. What exactly that is, remains to be seen..

The sickening is not limited to infecting just our studio heads. Our new intern Peter is in for a rude awakening as he strides to become a member of the team. One of our staffers in particular, the similarly-named Pete, may or may not have it out for him.

And of course we bring you back to a more pleasant reality, thanks to the efforts of the Red Truck Gallery art show. Bringing their New Orleans-based ops to Superchief was an event that sorely needed to happen. Tensions, as you can presume, have run rampant here while Steve descents into madness and Ricky becomes one with his 8 Mile-tier hoodie more and more each day while awaiting to go on tour. So to have behind the scenes content that could take their tragic transformations off our minds for a bit meant everything.

Do you want to know how to space-cleanse, thereby better enhancing your state of being at all times? Ever wondered how to deal with the trauma of catching your boss staring daggers at you? Or would you rather just avoid confronting any and all issues, in favor of sitting back and admiring some dope art that does all the talking instead?


disclaimer: if you or someone you love comes down with a case of the sickening, like and subscribe and we’ll do the best to help you survive the season of fright. With our endless content detailing how we’ve aimed to conquer our plight, you’ll be good as new in no time. Nothing heals the headsick more than seeing just how close we came to letting the zombies inside us devour our creative brains whole.