Stoned Sloshed & Sober Sushi Edition (Ep 108)

Itadakimasu! It’s another hot week at MOTV (looking at you, Ricky), so this week the SSS crew is chowing down on some sushi! Our in-house superstud Pat is joined by Mira & Candy to scarf some Tendo Sushi, a local Ridgewood joint. As ever, Pat is stoned, but Candy is the sloshed wild card, and Mira is trying to hold it down as the sober foundation. Find out what these gals are up to & how you can party with them around the neighborhood. BUT FIRST – Should you put your sushi in the soy sauce? Will Pat’s wimpy palette tolerate the green horseradish? Should neckbeards have a sushi place? & how are your teeth? You taking care of them? Let us know below! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!


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