Stoned Sloshed & Sober: Pasta Edition (Ep 109)

Ayyyyyyyyy it’sa pasta time this week on Stoned Sloshed & Sober. In a Shyamalan twist, Pat is the sober anchor, letting special guests Andy & Teeburr have the drunk & high times, respectively. Jimmy’s Pizza sent their noods, er, noodles for these hungry boys’ consumption! Italian food is heavy on the carbs & rich in New York history, so hopefully our local haunt is not tarnishing a legacy! Make us proud, Jimmy’s! The boys are currently in a dough-induced coma, so indulge us! Is food more appetizing in a pizza box? Are meatballs a fruit or a vegetable? Can you get drunk off vodka sauce? Should you get drunk off vodka sauce? If you got drunk off vodka sauce & lived to tell, let us know! & if you try Jimmy’s tell ’em we sent ya!

Stoned Sloshed & Sober is a weekly show in which the Much Obliged cast, crew, and friends take a look at the best & worst food delivery in New York City. The Much Obliged team looks at the food options, distance, and pricing of the food before they order it. Once the food gets there, the real test begins. The team walks you, the viewer, through how quickly the food was delivered, how the driver handled delivery, if the orders came correct, if the food was fresh/warm, if they gave sauces and silverware, etc. Finally, the Much obliged team will rate the food on all of these aspects. This is all done while they are all – of course – Stoned, Sloshed, and Sober. What difference will these factors make? Tune in to find out! Feelin’ HUNGRY? Like, share & subscribe!

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