Stoned Sloshed & Sober: banh mi (FAIL)

Welp, it finally happened folks – we got our first big-time fail episode! Wowzers! & you get to see what it does to the SSS crew, who indulge their respective poisons without letting it get soaked up by Lucy’s Kitchen banh mi, which was clearly already soggy by the time it reached our hero’s hungry selves. Oh, delivery…your imperfections do not add to the charm! But perhaps the lack of food will lead to some solid content, or at least some fast chipmunk voices. Is Dirty Boogie’s hat keying the screen too much, or is he being erased from existence? Is the earth flat? No, really! Is this all recompense for us not feeding Nati? Who knows. Did you have a better Lucy’s experience? Should we order from bad places more often? Let us know!