Pop Culture Preservation Rare Sega Console (Episode 107)

All together now – SEGAAAAAAAA! Pat & Jay are back after a brief retreat, now they’re once again joining Ricky, who’s covering for Kevin this week. E3 is over, so PCP crew’s coming at ya fast this week with a look at Sega. You know the deal – Sonic, Altered Beast, Sega CD, Dreamcast, the list goes on. A tight competitor to Nintendo, Sega was an early innovator in varying formats and 16 bit capabilities. We dug thru the game cage & unearthed some classic consoles, plus the titles you love & others you may have forgotten! Also – is Sonic overrated? Is it too soon for JFK jokes? Was there room on Rose’s door in ‘Titanic’? & Laserdiscs – safe or lethal? You be the judge! Next week, we’ll go deeper into the history of the brand, so tune in! & don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!