New Crew Who This?

Here at MOTV, the crew is always growing & evolving. While that’s great news for producing all the content you know and love, it does make room for some D R A M A! Dun dun dunnn. Well, thankfully the summer interns won’t hold any grudges…or will they? This week we take a sneak peak at the casting couch process, say hi to the new folks, check in with how the seasoned crew is taking the news, plus our coverage of NYC Pride! Plus, we try to uncover just why MopTop is spending so much time in the dark. Is he a nocturnal creature? Or is it just really hot in the studio? Is a major network close to picking up one of our shows? How hard is it to write one of these pesky descriptions? & will Natty ever be allowed to eat? You can decide! Or at the very least tell us who the coolest crew member is! Who will survive, and who will be voted off?!? Leave a note for us below! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!