Movie Club Upgrade (Episode 104)

WHOA! What did we just see? This weekend, Blumhouse Productions (Get Out, Insidious, Happy Death Day) unleashed a mean machine. It’s a body-horror flick called Upgrade, written & directed by Leigh Whannell, who gave us the Saw and Insidious franchises. Robocop, The Crow, and the classic works of John Carpenter all run through the oil-and-steel-infected bloodstream of this revenge thriller. Having survived a ghastly mugging, Logan Marshall Green (24, Spider-Man Homecoming) is given a chance to battle the bionic gang that leaves his wife dead and his body as a quadriplegic. How? By implanting a system that allows his body superhuman strength. Of course, no technology is ever perfect, and soon the investigation becomes a fight against corporations and police. Was the team swayed by the vivid colors and retro soundtrack? Is this just a warm-up for Venom? Is this the direction thrillers need to head in? Buckle up and find out!


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