Movie Club: Sorry To Bother You

Instead of giving a bad pun, we’ll come out with it: the Movie Club watched ‘Sorry to Bother You’! The much-anticipated debut from Boots Riley (The Coup) stars Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Get Out) as a young man dreaming of greatness, only he has to conceal his identity as a black man to get there. It’s not all that dour – it’s a comedy! A wild comedy to be exact, maybe wilder than people expected! Nice to see a visual comedy, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it? Why do these questions always feel one-sided? Maybe we should go onto other concerns? Like who has the whitest voice? Do Max & Pat need more sidekicks that appear behind couches? Should we swear more? Tell us! & tell us what to see next week! Don’t forget to like share and subscribe!