Movie Club: Skyscraper

Yippie-ki-yay, melonfarmers! This week Movie Club – your usual crew: Pat, Max, Nunnie, & MopTop – saw Skyscraper, the latest Dwayne Johnson vehicle. It’s a strange mix – The Rock, Neve Campbell, lotsa folks staring at screens while in front of other screens, directed by the director of Dodgeball & Central Intelligence…how? But hey, stranger combos have yielded weirder results! It could be our generation’s Die Hard, or maybe it could be as boring as a stack of copy paper on fire. Who knows? Maybe you know? Maybe you can tell us whether this movie is flattering to disabled veterans? Or twins? Neve Campbell! You out there! Nunnie says hi. If you or somebody you know is Neve Campbell? Either way, like, share, & subscribe!

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